Why Choose Us?

We know that carpet cleaning companies these days are practically a dime a dozen. With a number of large franchises and other major carpet companies dominating a large portion of the carpet cleaning industry, it may seem tough to turn over the trust to an independent company instead. However, by relying on a large company or franchise, you may ultimately end up being unhappy and left in the dust.


Why Choose Us?
Steam Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is an independent carpet cleaning company that focuses on one thing – providing customers with the best possible service. Located right in the heart of New York City, we aim to take carpet cleaning to an entire new level. We work our hardest to accommodate each and every customer as best as we possibly can, and will do everything to make sure they remain satisfied.
Unlike the larger carpet cleaning companies out there, our focus has always been providing a great experience and top quality service. We accomplish that by hiring the best performing and highly trained and certified technicians to represent our company. They will work hard to ensure that you get the best clean that you have ever seen. In fact, we stand behind our work with a solid no-hassle guarantee. If you don’t agree that we provided you with the best carpet cleaning you’ve ever experienced, you don’t pay a single thing! Tell me how many of those “big guys” can match that?


We Take Our Time
Most of the larger carpet cleaning companies out there are all about volume. The more jobs they can squeeze in each day, the more revenue they have funneling through. The only problem is that quality and care is usually diminished, thus resulting in a poor job done. We only take up to 3 orders per day, which gives us the ability to dedicate more time to you and your home. To us, it is the only way to do it to ensure that we do the best job we can!


We Give Back, Too
We also strongly believe in giving back. It’s what keeps the world going round and round. With that said, we proudly take 10 percent of every order and donate that to charity.
You will also appreciate that we give all of our customers a free lifetime supply of carpet and upholstery cleaning products, as well as free in-home cleaning remedies and a free monthly newsletter that includes a variety of specials and cash-prize contests.


Make Us Your First Choice
To the larger companies, you’re just another number, but to Steam Pro Carpet & Upholstery, you’re our customer for life. Go with a company dedicated to serving you and your needs. Go with Steam Pro Carpet & Upholstery.

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