These guys came over to clean my white couch that we were all set to just throw away and now I'm so glad I didn't! Sean was so thorough, walked me through the entire process, and went the extra mile to make sure that the couch was in the best possible shape when he left. And the result? I feel like I have a brand new couch! He was able to get out dirt that I thought would never move. And he even walked me through spot cleaning for after he left. Thank you Sean and everyone at Steam Pro! You guys are awesome.

Emily H: Incredible
OK, let me begin by saying I called about four other places before I got Steam Pro from YELP. They were not chosen by price, however, they were EXTREMELY reasonable in their cost. They were chosen because I have an expensive Ethan Allen fabric couch that had gotten a petroleum based stain from my hair gels and waxes in the spot where I lay my head (gross, I know). The fabric spot was matted, shiny, and tacky to the touch....(imagine Vaseline on suede). Anyway, when I called Steam Pro, the company appeared to be knowledgeable in STAIN REMOVAL and not just looking to run steam over it and get to the next job. Robert and Ozzie showed up on time and dressed professionally right down to the disposable shoe covers. They assessed the stain and said they were confident in a 50% to a 100% removal. I gave the OK and they went to work on the couch, explaining the whole time what they they were doing. I have experienced the dirty, sweaty hack that shows up with a steamer and gets out surface dirt....maybe. ROBERT AND OZZIE ARE EXPERTS!!! They got the stain out 100%. Rarely am I 100% satisfied with a company such as this. These guys take pride in their work and make you feel comfortable having strangers in your home. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Rick K