How to Clean a Mattress

Cleaning a mattress can seem like a daunting task, but it is not as hard to do as you might think. Of course, you can’t just throw a mattress in a washing machine, so the cleaning process is a bit different than most. Either way, there are plenty of options available (from home remedies to commercial cleaners and more) to get your mattress looking and feeling like new all over again!


If you have always wondering how to clean a matter, pay attention to the rest of this article, as you will pick up a few tips on how to clean a mattress without much effort involved!


Stains and Spills
Although dust mites can play a major role in cleaning a mattress, most people opt to clean their mattresses because of liquid spills (or urine from accidental bed wetting) and stains that have decided to hang around as a result. Lucky for you, there are plenty of household items available that can help eliminate stains and spills with ease.


Take a look below at a couple of unique ways to clean your mattress and eliminate the stains and spills that lie deep within the fibers of your mattress.


Vinegar & Baking Soda
One way to get out a variety of stains on a mattress is to use vinegar and baking soda. Simple add white vinegar to a spray bottle and apply it directly to the stain. After it has soaked for a couple of minutes, sprinkle on some baking soda. Once you hear the fizzing stop, simply take a vacuum and suck up the solution. That’s it!


Hydrogen Peroxide
Another option to use for tougher stains is hydrogen peroxide. While this can be excellent at stain removal, it does have the potential to leave bleach stains behind. Use this with caution, and make sure apply it in very small amounts. I would also recommend testing a small amount on your mattress before applying it as well, just to be safe. Still, it is great at lifting tough stains from any mattress.


Protect Your Mattress
After you clean your mattress thoroughly, I would highly recommend protecting it from future damage by purchasing a mattress pad. This will help prevent any liquid from penetrating through to the mattress, thus extending its life and use. Mattress pads are fairly inexpensive and well worth the investment. I recommend that you pick one up today!


Hire a Pro
Lastly, if you would prefer not to clean your own mattress, there is always a professional nearby that can help. This can save you time (and the hassle) of having to do it yourself. Just another thing to think about when deciding on how to clean a mattress!

Stain Removal Tips

Stains are bound to happen at some point. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clothing, your furniture or your carpet – things spill and messes happen. While frustrating, those stains don’t have to stay there forever. Lucky for us, there are plenty of stain removal options out there, no matter how tough a stain may seem to be.


Different Stains Require Different Methods of Treatment
It’s true – a lot of stains have treatment methods that will differ from one another. While one thing may work on one stain, it may not on the other. Depending on what type of stain you encounter, you need to be ready to defend it, but how can you be sure that you will be able to eliminate it effectively?


Don’t worry – right now, you are about to discover some stain removal tips that will help you approach a stain correctly. By following a simple set of steps, you will be able to determine what treatment is needed to eliminate any stain. Just take a look below to learn more.


#1 – What Type of Stain Are You Dealing With?
As mentioned before, there are several different stains. Grass, dirt, blood, wine, juice, grease, oil, rust and mineral stains are just a handful of the most common stains. Some are simple to get out without much effort, while others are not. The key is to identify the right type of stain before trying to apply any specific treatment methods.


#2 – Find the Right Treatment Method
Once you are able to identify the stain, you need to figure out what method of treatment you wish to apply. Some stains have simple methods of elimination (i.e. grass stains require a simple pre-soak in laundry detergent before they are washed) while others are tougher.


To treat your stains, you can choose to purchase stain remover and other cleaners or use alternative methods. Many different home remedies are available and have been proven to remove various stains from anything from furniture to carpet and everything in between.


#3 – Don’t Give Up
There will be times when you run into certain stains that won’t seem to budge. The key here is to not give up, as some stains require more than 1 treatment in order to be eliminated completely. Just remember to keep trying (or try another method that has been shown to work, too). Eventually, you will be able to remove the stain successfully.


Don’t Be Afraid of Stains
Stains are a normal part of everyday life and are bound to happen at some point. Just take things as they come, and you will be able to put up a fight against any stain out there as long as you apply these steps, no matter when or where it occurs.

How to Remove Blood Stains

Cuts and scrapes do happen. Sometimes, they can leave blood dripping behind, leaving its traces in several areas of your home. Unfortunately, one of those areas can be either your carpet or your furniture. Lucky for you, there are ways to remove those pesky blood stains without much effort.


Do you want to learn how to remove blood stains from your furniture or carpet? Then you are in the right place, as you’re going to discover some unique methods for removing blood stains in your home. Just take a glance below, and you will see two different was to remove blood stains – one from your furniture and the other from your carpet.


How to Remove Blood Stains on Upholstered Furniture
Removing blood stains from upholstered furniture is easier than you might think. All you need to get started is some hand-washing soap and some cold water. Here is what you need to do in order to remove the stain:


  • Mix a tablespoon of the soap with a couple cups of cold water.
  • Use a clean washcloth (white) and dab the stain with the solution. Continue to blot the stain until the solution is completely absorbed.
  • Using a sponge dipped in cold water, blot the stain again. Once the water has soaked in, use another clean washcloth to absorb the remaining water and solution. The stain should now be eliminated!


How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet
Just like upholstered furniture, removing blood stains from carpet is similar in nature. The only difference is that ammonia will be needed if the stain is stuck deep within the fibers of your carpet.


Take a look at the steps below in order to eliminate the blood stain on your carpet:
Mix one tablespoon of hand-washing soap with a couple cups of cold water.
Using a clean washcloth (white), dab the stain with the soapy solution. Blot the stain until all of the liquid is absorbed. Continue to use the solution and blot dry until the stain is eliminated.


If the stain is still there, you will need to mix one tablespoon of ammonia and a half cup of lukewarm water. Using another clean washcloth, apply the solution to the affected area of your carpet. Blot the stain until it is complete dry.


Finally, using a sponge and cold water, simply blot the water on the stain and absorb the remaining liquid with another clean washcloth to dry the area. By now, your blood stain should be completely eliminated from your carpet.


These two methods above are wonderful at removing blood stains. If you’re facing any blood stains of your own, give them a try. You won’t believe how simple and effective they are!

Coffee Stains on Carpet

There is nothing better than waking up to a fresh cup of coffee to start the day. The only thing that can ruin that great experience, however, is when an accident happens and you are left with a stain on your carpet from a coffee spill. While this may stress you out, you shouldn’t worry – coffee stains on carpet can be eliminated effectively. You just have to know what to do.


Are you facing a tough coffee stain on your carpet? If so, you are about to learn how to eliminate coffee stains on carpet and how you can get your carpet back to looking fresh and clean once again!


Simple Steps to Eliminate Coffee Stains on Carpet
In order to effectively get rid of coffee stains on carpet, you will need to follow a thorough process. Just take a look below for the step-by-step details:

  • Blot the Entire Area of the Stain – You want to soak up any remaining liquid that the stain has left behind. Take a clean cloth and blot the affected area to absorb all liquid from the stain.
  • Make the Cleaning Solution – Simply mix one teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent (clear) in one cup of lukewarm water. This will be the cleaning solution used to eliminate the coffee stain.
  • Sponge the Area with Solution – Using a soft sponge, soak up some of the cleaning solution. Take that sponge and apply it to the affected area. Use a clean washcloth and blot the area once again.
  • Use the Power of Vinegar – Take one-third of a cup of white vinegar and mix it together with one cup of lukewarm water. Soak your sponge in the vinegar solution and apply it to the affected area once again. After you have let the vinegar solution soak deep into the carpet, use another clean washcloth to blot the area dry.


Other Tips and Advice
Now that you are aware of the steps you need to take in order to eliminate coffee stains on carpet, why not give it a shot now and see how great it works? One thing to remember when you’re cleaning up a coffee stain using this method is to never scrub the affected area. This will only rub the stain deeper into the fibers of the carpet, making it even harder to eliminate it completely.


Of course, if you are unable to get out the toughest stains, you have the option of bringing in a professional to handle the job for you. Their commercial equipment will be able to lift those stains that you cannot, helping bring life back into your old carpet once again! Either way, coffee stains on carpet won’t be a problem for much longer now that you know how to handle them!

Microfiber Sofa Cleaning

Do you have microfiber furniture that is deserving of a little clean up? Before you start pulling out the sofa cleaners and other tools, you should know that microfiber sofa cleaning is different than most cleaning processes you would use on upholstered furniture. It requires much more care and attention to detail.


Are you looking to learn more about microfiber sofa cleaning and how you can do it on your own? If so, keep on reading this article, as you will discover more info on how to clean your microfiber furniture on your own!


Get to the Stain Quick
Microfiber is very good at protecting itself against any liquid spills, but only for so long. If a spill isn’t tackled as soon as it occurs, it can start to sink itself deep within your furniture. When this happens, stains are tougher to get out. So, if you want to have the best chance at eliminating any stains on your microfiber furniture, it’s best to tackle stains as they happen.


Microfiber Sofa Cleaning Techniques
Once you are ready to tackle any stains on your microfiber furniture, here are a couple of excellent cleaning techniques you can (and should) use to lift stains off of your sofa and get your microfiber furniture looking just as new as the day you first purchased it!


#1 – Use Polyester Cleaners
Since microfiber is polyester, any polyester cleaners will work the best to help eliminate stains. Things like ammonia, rubbing alcohol or even vodka can do wonders at lifting up stains in microfiber. To use any of these treatments, simply dab them onto affected areas and use a clean cloth to blot the stains and lift the stain from the sofa.


#2 – Microfiber Cleaning Kits
Microfiber cleaning kits can be used to help eliminate any oil-based stains. They can also work well at preventing any future stains, too. You can generally find these kits at most furniture stores (or major department stores) in your area.


#3 – Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Any Odor
If you’re faced with any odors on your microfiber sofa, a little bit of baking soda will go a long way at eliminating it quickly. Just sprinkle a little over the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes to soak up the odor. After that, all you have to do is vacuum the remaining baking soda. It’s that simple!


As you can see, doing a little microfiber sofa cleaning on your own is actually simple. Give these treatments above a shot. You will be amazed at how great they work and how easy it is to give your sofa a complete makeover, making it look and feel like it’s new all over again.