Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist

Nothing is better than finally being able to welcome the spring after a long, cold winter. Besides, what’s not to love about spring? The air is crisp and fresh and the warmer weather starts to slowly return. Of course, with the long winter over and the warmer weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to revamp your home and get organized once again.


Spring Cleaning – The Time is Now
It’s true – things sort of go “on hold” in the winter. People are much less active (mostly due to the harsh weather conditions). Because of this, things can start to pile up and become unorganized. Once spring approaches, a good deep cleaning can help bring things back in order.


Believe it or not, spring cleaning is actually easy when you have a list of chores to tackle. Do you have your spring deep cleaning checklist? If not, take a look below at a couple of the most popular spring cleaning tasks. Check them out, and find a few that you can add to your list this year!


Deep Cleaning Throughout the Home
Your home needs a good deep clean every once and awhile. Take a look at a few of the deep cleaning tasks now:


  • Clean the carpet in your entire home (either yourself or hire a professional)
  • Dust your entire home – blinds, shelving, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Clean/wash all upholstered furniture
  • Wash all windows (both inside and outside)
  • Clean out all light fixtures
  • Clean out your oven, stove and microwave
  • Go through your cabinets and toss out any old food or expired items.
  • Clean all closets in your home and eliminate any items that you have not used in the last 6 months to a year. If you haven’t used them in that time frame, there is a good chance you will never need to use them again.
  • Clean all flooring in kitchen and bathroom(s).
  • Wash down all appliances in your kitchen. Empty your refrigerator and give it a complete and thorough scrub down.
  • Give the outside of your home a full cleaning by spraying down the siding to eliminate any dirt, dust and other elements that may affect it.
  • Clean the gutters from all of the grime collected over the winter. This is a great idea to help prevent any issues from the spring showers that will soon be approaching.


Start Your Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist Today
Hopefully you were able to get a few spring cleaning ideas from the list above. Everyone will have their own list of requirements (depending on how much or how little is needed). Either way, a spring deep cleaning checklist is a good thing to have. You’ll get your chores done faster, and your home will be a cleaner and happier home when it’s all complete!

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