Is a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Really Worth It?

When it is time to give the carpet in your home a good, solid cleaning, most people are determined to tackle the job themselves. When you first think about it, cleaning your own carpet could possibly save you time and money. Rather than go through the hassle of hiring a carpet cleaning company, you can simply head to any store locally and pick up a handy Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. While that may seem like a good idea at first, it can quickly turn into a bad one. Don’t think so? Pay attention to the rest of this article, and you will quickly learn how something seemingly easy can turn into a quick disaster!


Not as Cheap as You Might Think
For starters, renting a Rug Doctor is not as cheap as you might think. Renting the machine alone is going to run you roughly $25 (and that is if you use it only within the specified rental period, which is usually a day or two). Of course, the machine doesn’t come with shampoo, so you can expect another $15 or more tacked onto that. Before you even get the thing home, you’re already looking at a price of at least $40 (and possibly more).


You Have to Haul it Around
What you don’t know is that the fun really begins as soon as you leave the store, as you’ll have to find a way to haul a Rug Doctor home. We all know how packed and busy New York City gets, making this even more of a struggle. If you have a car, you’ll have to load it up and fight traffic. What about a cab? Don’t count on it – you won’t be able to haul this with you in one, as they will not transport you with it.


Poor Cleaning
Another major issue with the Rug Doctor is that it doesn’t provide the best level of cleaning possible. Sure, you might eliminate some of the surface build-up (and that’s once you get through the hassle of getting in home), but deep cleaning is another story. After all of that time and money spent, you should expect a little more, right?


Avoid the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner – Hire a Professional Instead
Rather than go through all of the trouble and hassle of a Rug Doctor, why not hire a professional instead? When you compare the two, going with a professional is well worth it in the end. Will you pay more upfront? Sure, but it won’t be much. Plus, you will save a tremendous amount of time and will be left with the satisfaction that your carpet is taken care of by someone with experience in carpet care.


We are all for helping people with do it yourself home remedies for a cleaner home but don’t mess with the Rug Doctor – hire a pro to take care of your carpet today!

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