Ink Stain Removal

Ink stain removal can be tough and easy at the same time. Depending on what type of ink you are dealing with, you will either be able to remove it with ease or have to put in some extra elbow grease to eliminate it for good.


Are you currently facing an ink stain dilemma and do not know what you should do to handle it? Are you looking for some easy methods to help you lift the ink out of your carpet or upholstery? If so, you are in luck, as you are about to learn more about ink stain removal, the different types of ink stains and how you can get rid of them for good!


Different Ink Requires a Different Approach


When dealing with ink stains, there are 3 different types of ink you will face – water-based, permanent and ballpoint. Each ink has their own distinct characteristics, which means that each one will require a unique approach and cleaning process. The key here is to find out what type of ink stain you have. Once you do, take a look at a couple tips below for proper ink stain removal.


#1 – Water-based Ink

Using hot water and a sponge, carefully dab the sponge onto the carpet or upholstery. Once the stain is wet, take a can of hair spray and gently spray a little directly onto the stain. Follow that with a small amount of white vinegar and let it soak for roughly a half-hour. While soaking, make sure to use a clean towel and carefully blot the stain, as the hair spray and vinegar will start to loosen it up. This treatment alone is usually enough to pull a water-based stain out of carpet and upholstery.


#2 – Permanent Ink

Unfortunately, permanent ink is a bit tougher to eliminate and for good reason (hence the name permanent). Still, it is worth a shot to try and treat this mess the best you can.
One of the more common treatments for a permanent ink stain is rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover. To use this method, simply pour the alcohol or fingernail polish remover onto a clean towel and blot the stain continually until you see it dissolve away for good. It’s tough, but these two things have been shown to work the best for this type of ink.


#3 – Ballpoint Pen Ink

Just like permanent ink, ballpoint pen ink uses the same treatment. Just take the alcohol or fingernail polish on a towel and dab the stained area. Take a clean towel and press it against the stain to absorb the alcohol or fingernail polish remover. This has also been proven to work well at ballpoint pen ink stain removal.


Now that you’re aware of what you need to do to eliminate your ink stains, make it happen. Trust me – it will be much easier than you think once you put these methods into action!

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