How to Remove Blood Stains

Cuts and scrapes do happen. Sometimes, they can leave blood dripping behind, leaving its traces in several areas of your home. Unfortunately, one of those areas can be either your carpet or your furniture. Lucky for you, there are ways to remove those pesky blood stains without much effort.


Do you want to learn how to remove blood stains from your furniture or carpet? Then you are in the right place, as you’re going to discover some unique methods for removing blood stains in your home. Just take a glance below, and you will see two different was to remove blood stains – one from your furniture and the other from your carpet.


How to Remove Blood Stains on Upholstered Furniture
Removing blood stains from upholstered furniture is easier than you might think. All you need to get started is some hand-washing soap and some cold water. Here is what you need to do in order to remove the stain:


  • Mix a tablespoon of the soap with a couple cups of cold water.
  • Use a clean washcloth (white) and dab the stain with the solution. Continue to blot the stain until the solution is completely absorbed.
  • Using a sponge dipped in cold water, blot the stain again. Once the water has soaked in, use another clean washcloth to absorb the remaining water and solution. The stain should now be eliminated!


How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet
Just like upholstered furniture, removing blood stains from carpet is similar in nature. The only difference is that ammonia will be needed if the stain is stuck deep within the fibers of your carpet.


Take a look at the steps below in order to eliminate the blood stain on your carpet:
Mix one tablespoon of hand-washing soap with a couple cups of cold water.
Using a clean washcloth (white), dab the stain with the soapy solution. Blot the stain until all of the liquid is absorbed. Continue to use the solution and blot dry until the stain is eliminated.


If the stain is still there, you will need to mix one tablespoon of ammonia and a half cup of lukewarm water. Using another clean washcloth, apply the solution to the affected area of your carpet. Blot the stain until it is complete dry.


Finally, using a sponge and cold water, simply blot the water on the stain and absorb the remaining liquid with another clean washcloth to dry the area. By now, your blood stain should be completely eliminated from your carpet.


These two methods above are wonderful at removing blood stains. If you’re facing any blood stains of your own, give them a try. You won’t believe how simple and effective they are!

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