How to Clean Carpet (Home Remedies)

No matter how clean you keep your home, there is one thing that will still continue to build up and collect more dirt and grime over time. That thing is none other than your carpet. While it may look or appear to be clean, one swift move with a carpet cleaner would most likely prove otherwise. In fact, you may be shocked at just how dirty your carpet really is.


How to Clean Carpet Yourself
When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you have two choices – you can choose to do it yourself or you can opt to hire someone to do it for you instead. If you have the time available to invest, you can actually clean your own carpet using nothing more than a few household items. Whether you’re looking to eliminate a stain or clean the entire floor, it is much easier than you might think.


If you want to know how to clean carpet on your own, take a look below at a couple of options you can try that will clean, deodorizer and add more freshness to your carpet right now.


Baking Soda is Your Friend
Baking soda is one home remedy that works wonders for a variety of things, and cleaning carpet is definitely no exception! To give your carpet a quick clean and freshen it up a bit, just take a box of baking soda and sprinkle it over your carpet. Once that is done, simply let it sit for a few hours. All that is left to do is to vacuum it up. Not only will this help bring more freshness to your carpet, but it will also help eliminate any lingering odors that may be stuck deep within your carpet from previous spills or stains.


Use Vinegar for Stain Treatment
Do you have a few stains that you need to get rid of, but don’t feel like using any commercial cleaners?  Why not give some white vinegar a shot instead? Just like baking soda, vinegar is commonly used in a number of various home remedies and has incredible cleaning properties.


How can you clean your carpet using vinegar? Simple – just pour some into a spray bottle and mix with an equal part of warm water. Use this mixture to apply to any stain(s) you wish to eliminate. Let the solution soak on the stain for a few minutes and pat dry with a cloth. The vinegar will penetrate the carpet fibers to help break up the stain and allow it to “lift” itself from the carpet. Who knew vinegar could clean like this?


Hire a Pro for Tougher Stains
Cleaning your own carpet is great when you have a few spots you need to treat or have very little build-up to deal with. For tougher stains and carpet that needs a little more care and attention, you may be better off hiring a professional. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to give these home remedies a shot, and I think you may be surprised at just how well they work, too!

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